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Dear Future PROFITABLE Blogger,

Two of the biggest issues that people who want to make money with blogs have are...
1. They don't know what to do to make money from their blog.

2. The techy hurdles of setting up a blog keep them from ever getting started.
I know this because I've worked with 1000's of struggling bloggers and these are the two biggest issues holding them back.

Once you get over these two things, the sky is really the limit because it's so easy to earn money as a blogger...

And now with so many resources out there the "techy hurdles" no longer exist!

All you need is for someone to SHOW you what to do and how to do it, right?

Well you're in luck...

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In just 90 minutes from right now you could have your very own blog setup that will...
Build your list...

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Imagine working a few hours each day to add content to your blog and drive traffic while making money!

Wouldn't that give you a lot of free time to do the other things in life you want to do?

Literally if you have a few hours a day you can run a blog and make money doing it, and I'll show you exactly how to do it!

Let me introduce you to the...

Blog Kickstart Coaching Workshop

In this workshop I'll show you exactly how to pick a hot money making niche to create your blog in, how to set your blog up, and how to make money with your blog!

In just 23 minutes you'll learn everything you need to know! Take what you learn and in about an hour you can have a fully functioning blog setup to start making money with.

Here's exactly what's covered in this workshop....

How to decide to use your blog to make money and creating a plan to do it. Before you do anything you've got to have a plan, and I'll show you how to quickly create one you can immediately put into place.

Watch me step-by-step as I buy a domain name, setup hosting, and get my blog live and online. This is ONE of the techy hurdles that holds people back. Watch what I do and you'll easily be able to do the same thing! This is your first step to getting profitable!

Learn how to make your blog look great using different "themes". Your blog comes with a default look, but there are many "themes" you can get (free or paid) to make your blog look exactly like you want it to.

Plugins are "things" that make your blog do certain things. I have over 15 of them that I can't live without. I'll show you how to get them installed and how to use them on your blog. Some are just great for looks and some have functions that will make you money!

Learn what "pages" you need to create for your blog and how to make them show up on your blog in various places. There are some key pages that you'll need and I'll show you what they are and what needs to be on them.

How to create some initial content for your blog that will wow your readers and get them hooked immediately. You can also use this content to start make money too. I'll show you how!

And so so so much more!

It doesn't matter what your blog topic is about or how you use your blog to make money... With what you'll learn in this coaching workshop, you'll be able to create content that your readers will love you for and will make you money in many different ways!

Literally everything you need to know is covered in this workshop!

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Blog Kickstart Workshop

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